The Savannah Pedals experience can be enjoyed by individuals/small groups as well as privately chartered groups. Join one of our popular public crawls or rent our multi-person bike for you and your closest friends. Climb aboard and get ready for a great time with your driver and host. Unless you're after a super workout, we prefer a minimum of at least 6 people. Bring 8 and pedaling gets much easier. With 10 or more, it's a breeze!

Advance purchase required!

Get info, check availability and book online:

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Cancellation Policy:
To reschedule, call us immediately. We will do our best to reschedule your ride. We want you to experience this! The responsibility of rescheduling the ride rests with the individual booking the ride. Our cancellation policy will apply if the responsible party fails to reschedule.

If you cancel 30 days in advance: 50% refund or rain check (good for 90 days)
If you cancel 10 days in advance: Rain check (good for 90 days)
If you cancel less than 10 days in advance: No refund or rain check

Inappropriate Behaviors
Unsafe or inappropriate behavior will result in early termination of your tour and result in a $200 penalty. Examples include, but are not limited to:
  • Extreme intoxication
  • Giving alcohol to non-passengers
  • Littering

  • Public Urination
  • Loitering more than 5 minutes after tour
  • Excessive noise

Return transportation will be at the responsible party's own expense.

(Sorry we had to preach. We worked really hard for our permits and intend on keeping them.)

Damage/Late Fees:
We reserve the right to charge your credit card following the tour if necessary. Since the Eco-Ride is powered by its passengers, they control the speed at which the tour progresses.

There will be no Damage/Late Fee charged if the Eco-Ride returns on time and undamaged.

Late Fees:
  • $40 = 10-15 minutes late
  • $55 = 15-20 minutes late
  •   $70 = 20-25 minutes late

  • $85 = 25-30 minutes late
  • $200 = 30-60 minutes late
  • $250+/hr = more than 60 minutes late

Damage to Eco-Ride Vehicle: Cost of Repair