What is the Traveler?

Pedals presents the Traveler, one of the largest bikes ever built. You and your friends pedal around town using the cleanest energy yet available: People-Power. Enjoy scenic tours, birthdays and anniversaries, pub crawls, bachelor-bachelorette parties, special events and more on your own privately-chartered adventure. Our "bike" is the MOST ADVANCED VEHICLE OF ITS TYPE IN THE WORLD, and though it was built by rocket scientists, you don't have to be one to use it. Pedaling is easy. It's just like riding a bicycle......but better!

How many people can ride?

Our Traveler accommodates up to 14 passengers, consisting of 10 pedalers and 4 non-pedalers. Comfy bicycle seats are fully adjustable and have backrests. Roomy, padded bench seating is perfect for VIPs and guests of honor. Yes, we're pet-friendly. Recommendation: Unless you're after a super workout, bring at least 6 people. Bring 8 it's much easier. With 10 or more, it's a breeze.

Who drives?

A company-provided driver controls braking and steering. A company-provided host provides tours, directs activities and communicates with the driver. No, you can't drive. Our insurance company said so.

Who can ride?

On individual/small group pub crawls, riders must be 21 or over. On VIP crawls and the scenic tour, riders must be 18 or older or accompanied by a parent/legal guardian. Basically, any person who can safely sit, unassisted, in a chair (or wheelchair) can ride. It's likely we can find a place for you on our fully adjustable bicycle seats or rear bench seat. We're pretty creative, so we'll always do our best to meet your needs. Low-step running boards and well-placed handlebars make boarding easy. If riders under 21 are present, no alcohol is allowed onboard. Height and weight restrictions may apply to bicycle seats but our bench seat can accommodate most folks. If you have doubts about whether the height or weight of a member of your party is okay, please contact us directly. As with any physical activity, you should consult with your doctor before performing this activity.

Who should not ride?

People trying really hard NOT to have a good time should not ride. Mean, rude, or grumpy people are highly discouraged from attempting to infect the rest of us with their generalized unhappiness. If you hate anything even remotely resembling physical activity, are afraid of a little sweat, heat, cold, wind, fresh air, or sunlight, you should not ride. If your doctors say not to ride, you should listen to them.

How long is the ride?

Tours are two hours long. Keep in mind that all riders must be present 5 minutes before your scheduled ride time to present identification, complete necessary paperwork, get seated and secure personal items. For scheduling purposes, the ride must reach return destination with 10 minutes of end time for riders to gather belongings and exit the vehicle. No refunds will be given for rides ending early at the responsible party's request.

How fast is it?

Our average speed is approximately 5-7 mph on level pavement.

Where do I keep my stuff?

We've got plenty of storage space. Individual cup holders, rear seat bin and purse/bag hooks keep your goods within easy reach (you're welcome, ladies). Built-in cooler storage is available for snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Are drinks allowed onboard?

Personal beverages are allowed as long as we operate within Savannah's open container laws. Yes, we have individual cup-holders. Drink responsibly and don't litter, because we will have to stop, make you pick it up and all your friends will laugh at you.

Is food allowed onboard?

Absolutely! Bring your own munchies or we can pick up food along the way from one of Savannah's many fine eateries.

Can we ride anywhere we want?

We do have featured routes but are open to special requests on private tours and crawls. For safety reasons and because we are a slow-moving vehicle, we are not permitted to travel certain roads. We avoid streets that are too busy, too congested, or too hilly. Share your requests with us when booking or ask your host when the ride begins. If we can make it happen, we will.

Disclosure: At certain times and on certain routes audio may be restricted out of respect to residents or special circumstances.

Do we make stops?

Of course! There are many destinations and stopping points throughout the city. However, we cannot block traffic (We're sure you've been stuck behind people that do. We won't mention the words that may have come out of your mouth....your mother wouldn't approve).

Who's in charge?

Our driver and host are in command. Each group will designate its own team captain, who will be responsible for the group's behavior. Our host leads the tour, helps make the ride more entertaining, and communicates with the driver when necessary. No rider may enter the cockpit while the ride is in motion. The pilot will be busy.

Got music?

We boast a weatherproof amplified six-speaker sound system which directs sound to the riders, not the surrounding environment. iPod, iPhone, iPad hookup available.

Where do we board?

All tours board at Franklin Square unless previously arranged otherwise (for private tours). Detailed meeting location instructions will be provided upon purchasing your tickets.

Turner Boulevard is off of MLK Jr. Blvd. between the SCAD Museum of Art and the printshop Image is Everything.

Where can I park?

We're located in the heart of downtown Savannah, just a short walk from City Market, the Civic Center and the Savannah Visitors Center. We have limited parking at our location so we suggest groups carpool. Parking is available at nearby garages and at the Savannah Visitors Center (hours limited).

What about the weather?

Our Traveler rolls rain or shine! Dress for the season. In severe weather, Pedals reserves the right to cancel the ride and offer a rain check to the responsible party.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing is recommended. Flip-flops and stilettos should be avoided, if possible. Us Savannians are always in flip-flops, so we can pull it off... Stilettos should be avoided. Flip-flops...only you know if you can pull this off. We locals live in them so we're good.

What about the liability waiver and helmets?

Sitting, standing, or pedaling on our Traveler can be a dangerous activity, just like walking out your front door, crossing the street, or riding a bicycle. You should realize that it is possible you could fall off, bruise your knee, scrape your elbow, or bump your head. Helmets are recommended but not required. You can bring your own or borrow one of ours. If you decline the use of a helmet you must declare so in handwriting on the liability waiver.....and take responsibility if you hit your head.


Cancellation Policy:
To reschedule, call us immediately. We will do our best to reschedule your ride. We want you to experience this! The responsibility of rescheduling the ride rests with the individual booking the ride. Our cancellation policy will apply if the responsible party fails to reschedule.

If you cancel 30 days in advance: 50% refund or rain check (good for 90 days)
If you cancel 10 days in advance: Rain check (good for 90 days)
If you cancel less than 10 days in advance: No refund or rain check