About Us

Build it better......That's what the design team at Caztek Engineering, Casimir Sienkiewicz, Matt Frakes, and Marshall Young, were thinking when approached to build a new version of an old toy. Though the concept of "beer bikes" or quadricycles had been around for years, intelligent design, safety features and quality were lacking. Designers and engineers with experience in aerospace and medical product development set out to build the most advanced vehicle of this type in the world.....and Beer Wheel Drive was born.

Industrial Designer and Consultant Marshall Young graduated from SCAD in 2003 and his career took him around the world designing advanced medical equipment and components. Working on a non-medical device presented an exciting opportunity to utilize his experience in both Industrial and Interaction Design. While watching the prototype come together, Marshall imagined the possibility of bringing the quad/BWD experience to his hometown of Savannah, Georgia. A thought progression began: 1)"This would be really cool in my hometown"......then 2)"SOMEBODY should do this in my hometown"....and finally to 3) maybe I should do this in my hometown." Along with his sister, Theresa Young, Marshall launched Savannah Pedals in July 2012, offering visitors and residents the most engaging and innovative tour experience in Historic Downtown Savannah.

Come See How We Roll!